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SMART SUITE: Automated Testing Software

SMART SUITE is our highly acclaimed, automated testing solution. This integrated suite of software products is designed to accelerate reconciliation and regression testing. Its pioneering development allows you to automatically test the entire trade lifecycle, from pricing through trade execution and all the way through to settlements. Key features enable you to:

  • Define different environments with their associated databases
  • Load, edit and extract test cases that will be used in multiple testing cycles
  • Perform deal entry, market operation, simulation and workflow tests

SMART SUITE's rich functionality enables you to test hundreds of financial products covering the major asset classes (FX, Money Markets, Interest Rates, Credit, Fixed Income, Commodities) and their derivatives. It also offers comprehensive testing around all common features such as static and market data, deal entry, settlement, payments, interfaces and reporting.


  • SMART SUITE offers a fast, simple and accurate approach to assessing the functionality of environments and to improve project and business-as-usual productivity
  • It creates complete, reproducible tests and an easily-distributable reporting system that means you’ll be aware of issues sooner allowing for speedier resolution
  • As well as being proven to cut down the time and cost of testing timeline, SMART SUITE's pre-existing test database also reduces test design
  • Despite its high functionality, Smart is off-the-shelf and out-of-the-box; it’s quick to install, user-friendly and simple to use
  • Agnostic functionality and features: These include all reconciliation and test case creation features which are compatible with all third party systems and technical architectures
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